Rachel Freeman is 33 years old (1/5/87) and has making comics since December 28th, 2018, typically on an app called Let’s Draw. The following is a sample of her political comics, mostly from 2019, but as she is navigating the field she is learning that comics that have previously appeared on a blog can sometimes not be considered for official publication, so she might not print anymore here. She also makes plant comics, memes, and much more!
As a kid Rachel learned to read by reading the Sunday comics with her mom. She enjoyed reading Garfield, and was allowed to buy one book at book fairs but also had to read regular books, too.

Rachel’s influences also include Toothpaste For Dinner, which she was introduced to in 2002, and Homestar Runner, which she was introduced to in 2004, and The New Yorker comics (sorry, paid only basically, maybe Google some?), which she first read in a New York City doctor’s office in 2007. Rachel is always looking for new influences, so feel free to get in touch.

Rachel has been running an almost daily comic strip called The Sweet Potato Chip since 5/12/19. It features a married couple currently in their early 30’s that lives in Hoboken, NJ. The male is a stand up comedian named Dan, and the female is a substitute teacher named Clorissa. So far the only thing Dan has said is, “You’re a sweet potato chip!” Clorissa talks frequently in these comics, as she is giving Dan material for his stand up comedy act. 
In addition to making comics, Rachel is also a writer who has had six pieces accepted to Thought Catalog https://thoughtcatalog.com/rachel-freeman/, and six books published by Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Rachel-Freeman/e/B088GJFBSR/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1
Rachel is a trained M.L. Arch. student of landscape design and is an excellent artist, who can draft to a professional level. She calls her comics Lofi Comics for their rockin’ minimalism, which adds to the hilarity. Rachel’s first drawings open to the public were published in her family’s Passover prayer book and hearing their loving critique of Moses’ flattened feet from walking in the desert made her realize that all her drawings are funny, even without a comic intent. There is an eternal debate over working hard vs. working smart, and she is both a workaholic, and a smart slacker, to a deliberate professional expression. If she tries too hard to make a perfect drawing, it gets less funny, she thinks.
Is the burning bush an Enkianthus? Text by Helene Reps
She invites you to read her resume https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YdeA9XBPRwunn1SFr-Y3FK8abY3m17u9tiJrXxIlOkE/edit?usp=sharing, and visit her website https://www.rachelbfreeman.com. Some of her comics have been turned into shirts, etc., which can be found here: https://teespring.com/stores/conspiracyquery

My comic influences also include David Gold, a friend who drew this picture:

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